A Day at River

Community Service, Outreach, and Citizenship

Our school will offer weekly mindfulness and breathing activities, farming of herbs and produce, and required boatbuilding of a canoe or rowboat for graduation (the Harbor School in New York City does this), as well as monthly community service expectations. At some point in the future, we hope to establish a non-profit soup and sandwich shop near the University of Rochester’s Strong Memorial Hospital, preferably in the new College Town location. Students and their parents will be required to volunteer a specified number of hours each month at the shop. Proceeds and tips will go toward supporting both the school and two additional non-profits (one promoting social justice and another supporting environmental/animal rights) each month. This effort is modeled after the ecumenical Community of St. Martin’s soup and sandwich restaurant called St. Martin’s Table in Minneapolis, whose volunteer servers raised over $700,000 in tips for anti-hunger programs over the 26-year lifespan of the program.

Urban Farm

We hope to establish a greenhouse for greens, produce, and herbs to reduce food costs, and an industrial food digester and a hearty compost to reduce and turn waste into food for the garden. We would like students to take some amount of produce that they have learned to cook and prepare home with them each week. We would like to eventually create an urban farm and CSA (community supported agriculture) program for the community. Our model is the Common Ground Charter School in Connecticut.

Rochester River Charter School Uniform Colors

Green and Blue (with purple)


  • The school mascot will be the American Pit Bull.

  • The school insect will be the nine-spotted lady bug.

  • The school flower will be the woodland violet.

  • Each grade will have its own additional mascot or animal spirit to be selected by the students.