Our target population for the Rochester River Charter School will draw students throughout the City of Rochester from diverse cultural, socioeconomic, and geographical backgrounds. Indeed, the Rochester River Charter School is open to any student who lives in the City of Rochester who selects this school.

We will hold a lottery to be conducted by an outside, unaffiliated agency or collection of organizations -- likely a law firm and church organization, for example. We will not select any students. We plan to advertise on a number of radio stations (WDKX, WXXI, etc) and reach out to diverse groups, including church organizations, neighborhood associations, nonprofit foundations, and supportive businesses. We have as a goal to hold presentations in each of the City's four quadrants on an annual basis.

Students will be given a refillable Nalgene water bottle, uniform, and any necessary outdoor clothing and gear. We are also planning to provide every student with a bicycle that s/he will learn to ride and maintain.