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Joel Helfrich and the first vegan public school

  • Brighton Town Park Lodge 777 Westfall Road Rochester, NY, 14620 United States (map)

Rochester Area Vegan Society monthly meeting.!event/2016/6/19/joel-helfrich-and-the-first-vegan-public-school

Presentation by Joel Helfrich, co-founder of the Rochester River School, the first vegan public school in the United States.

The Rochester River School curriculum will also be based on humane education, outdoor activity, and principles of sustainability.

Please come to this meeting to learn about this exciting new venture!

5:30 PM Vegan Potluck Dinner

7:00 PM Program


All dishes must be completely vegan. They may not contain any meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products or honey. Please watch out for gelatin (a meat by-product) and hidden milk products, such as whey in cookies, crackers, bread and margarine and casein or caseinate in so-called “non- dairy” soy cheese, coffee creamer and whipped topping. Be alert for eggs in baked goods, mayonnaise and salad dressings, and honey in breads, pastries and preserves.

This “vegan rule” embodies our mission of showing how abundant and delicious a vegan meal can be. It also means that members and guests who are vegan can freely partake of everything. If you mistakenly bring a dish that is non-vegan, you will be very welcome to stay for the meal, but we will not be able to serve your dish. Please understand that no offense is meant by this.

Please prepare a card with your name, the name of the dish, and a list of all ingredients. If possible, write the recipe on the back of the card and indicate where the recipe came from or if it was original. Prepare enough to serve a crowd. Please bring your own table setting as well as a serving utensil. If you are not able to cook, you may bring fruit, cider, tortilla chips and salsa, green salad, fruit salad, etc. Non-members, in addition to bringing a dish, must pay a $3 Guest Fee, which will be applied to your membership if you join that day.