Compassion and Resilience

[A]lthough compassion arises from empathy, the two are not the same.  Empathy is characterized by a kind of emotional resonance—feeling with the other person. Compassion, in contrast, is not just sharing experience with others, but also wishing to see them relieved of their suffering. Being compassionate does not mean remaining entirely at the level of feeling, which could be quite draining. After all, compassionate doctors would not be very effective if they were always preoccupied with sharing their patients' pain. Compassion means wanting to do something to relieve the hardships of others, and this desire to help, far from dragging us further into suffering ourselves, actually gives us energy and a sense of purpose and direction. When we act upon this motivation, both we and those around us benefit still more.
—His Holiness the Dalai Lama

"Redefining Humane Education," The Bark, 2015


"Humane Education," The Bark, Issue 84: Winter 2015

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Uses children, ages eight to 18, to train dogs that assist clients (including veterans and children) with disabilities


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