The Rochester River Charter School (RRCS) will connect kindergarten through sixth graders to the real world through project based learning that accelerates academic achievement and nurtures their development as motivated, compassionate humans in an interdependent world. Through collaborative problem solving, RRCS students will acquire the knowledge, understandings, and interpersonal skills required to solve challenges, create change, and promote justice.

(We intend to grow Rochester River Charter School to include grades kindergarten through 12, but have applied to the SUNY Trustees to open and run a K-6 school at this time.)

To achieve its mission, RRCS will implement the following key design elements:

  1. Focus on Student Achievement
  2. Student Empowerment & Shared Responsibility in a Safe, Purposeful Learning Environment
  3. Recognition of Interdependence of all Living Things
  4. Sustainable Educational Community

Details can be found on the KEY DESIGN ELEMENTS page