Ruth Thompson, BS RN

Ruth Thompson was born to Jamaican parents in New York City in 1960, where she received and completed her elementary and high school education. She worked for 19 years in various businesses within the NYC area, starting as a clerk typist & evolved into an office manager.
Ruth observed changes of decline in NYC, then moved to Rochester in 1989 for a calmer environment in which to raise her two young daughters. She found employment two days after relocating and worked as an office manager to a group of two lawyers and three paralegals who represented people with developmental disabilities.
In 1993, Ruth was able to attend MCC full time to attain the prerequisites needed for the Nursing Program. She was also employed at The Genesee Hospital as a Unit Technician I, then Unit Tech II, and worked as a private personal client caretaker, one hour in the morning before class and again two hours after work. (Ruth worked 365 days with her). Ruth graduated in 1996 with an Associate Degree in Health Science from MCC and was accepted into the University of Rochester’s Nursing School. In her senior year, she had to withdraw from the program due to a family emergency and moved back to NYC in 1998.  
When the situation became stabilized, in 1999 she took the opportunity to enroll in the new St. John Fisher College Nursing Program, and was the 15th student to register into the program. (This was sweet to have 15 students in this new Nursing School because the students had all the professors to themselves.) She started as a Junior again, but it was worth it.
Ruth moved back to Rochester where she resumed her responsibility of being a private personal client caregiver for the same client on a daily basis and resumed employment at The Genesee Hospital until it was closed in 2000. She immediately transferred to Rochester General Hospital as a Unit Tech II. The client receiving daily private services passed away in 2001.
Ruth graduated in 2002 from SJFC and began working as a BS RN at Rochester General Hospital Pulmonary Unit for a couple of years. She has volunteered with Mercy Community Services, The Maplewood YMCA as a board member, Sunset Hospice House, and House of Mercy.