Wendy Gilmore

Wendy completed her undergraduate studies at the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT), before going on to earn her Master of Education (M.Ed.) in Humane Education through the Institute for Humane Education.  After graduating from RIT, Wendy worked as a photography instructor for a college prep program in London, UK before returning to work at RIT full time.  After several years with RIT’s Center for Residence Life, Wendy became the Program Coordinator for RIT’s Academic Intervention and Mentoring program, which included an evening tutoring center within the residence halls, learning assistance for high risk students, and Supplemental Instruction (SI) to proactively support students enrolled in historically challenging courses.  Wendy currently works at RIT, where she continues to coordinate all aspects of the SI program (ie. course identification, staff recruitment, training, payroll, budget management and assessment), teaches transitional courses and provides individualized coaching to students who access their Academic Support Center.  Beyond her work at RIT, Wendy has served as a Cooking Outreach Coordinator for the Rochester Area Vegan Society, Director of the Abundance Cooperative Market, active member of the South Wedge Community Gardens and is a longtime shareholder of the Peacework Organic CSA.  

Wendy strives to do something that matters and believes the Rochester River School will bring our communities together to do just that!

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela