What a game changer the Rochester River School would be for our city! The planetary message is clear - we need to become more sustainable as a global culture or risk human extinction. Teaching future generations the importance of sustainability and imparting that knowledge during formative years is absolutely crucial. An eco-conscious school like Rochester River School would make a significant impact on both our local and global environment. We cannot say enough to support the establishment of this ground-breaking school here in Rochester, NY!
— Andrea Parros, Owner/Operator of The Red Fern
By prioritizing compassion and connection above the desire for competition and control, teachers can foster classrooms that enable students to become more conscientious, curious, empathic, and resourceful learners. For this reason, I highly recommend the forthcoming Rochester River School. Despite the serious personal and structural challenges facing teachers today, the diverse methods and tools offered by the Rochester River School can be used to create intellectually stimulating and perhaps even counter-cultural learning environments that actually meet the needs of 21st Century students.
— George Payne, Founder, Gandhi Earth Keepers International; Visiting Adjunct Professor of Philosophy, Finger Lakes Community College; Project Manager, Lower Falls Foundation
[I]f humane education is done properly, students will learn the important information and skills that other students are forced to practice through rote learning.

Humane education makes so much sense. It may seem odd, but it is so much like teaching about law and the use of law to improve society and the lives of all creatures.

It seems to me that learning to treat animals humanely will help students learn to treat people more humanely. ... [A]nimal rights and protection should be an important part of your school’s curriculum.
— Jack Hurley, retired teacher, Rochester City School District
Given the scope of human and environmental challenges facing the next generation, one could argue that business as usual and conventional education leading to adults entrenched in the same thought patterns that brought us here is actually the option that should be termed ‘nuts.’
— John E. Losey, Associate Professor of Entomology, Cornell University & Founder and Director, Lost Ladybug Project http://www.lostladybug.org/
The Rochester River School sees education differently. For anyone who laments the lack of vision and responsible stewardship of our natural world, the principles of a humane education may well change the way this next generation views and cares for the world around them. Taking advantage of the glorious resource that is the Genesee River, and the young student’s natural curiosity to “do” as well as to read and learn, it connects these young minds with the physical world and the creatures that inhabit it with us.

A new approach to learning with this next generation of thinkers and changers will produce the kind of fundamental behavioral shifts we can only now dream about. We may yet save this planet!
— Chris Lyons, Illustrator and Adjunct Professor, RIT http://www.chrislyonsillustration.com/